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Let's give your married life the most exciting start possible, let's make it unforgettable. Live your dream, we want you to have a fabulous wedding. We love wedding photography and video and we're on a mission to produce something special for you. Metropol Studio is proud to offer what Melbourne does best, an appreciation of culture, fashion, art and style. Raising the bar on wedding coverage with fresh, natural, sophisticated images.

We're spoilt for choice with Melbourne's spectacular venues and scenic locations. Every week we frequent the Docklands, the CBD, the Yarra Valley, the Dandenong Ranges and our beautiful Bayside and Mornington Peninsula. If you want a breathtaking recollection of this life changing occasion we've already got something in common.

Latest Video - Amanda & Florin

Latest Video - Megan & Daniel

Budget for the Best

Budgeting for a Metropol Photographer is an investment with a strong return. All other big ticket items for your Wedding are an expense for one day only. A photographer is the main person responsible for delivering a permanent record of every memorable detail of your day and ours are the best in the business. Find out more about us on the About Metropol page.

Booking Metropol

Contact us today if you'd like to arrange a studio appointment, our team are always happy to have a chat. If you'd like to book you can complete our contact form, email or call the studio on 9596 5053. A booking deposit is all that's required to lock in your Photographer or Videographer; then you can relax knowing a big part of your day is under control.

Cultures & Customs

With vast experience shooting ceremonies and celebrations from all cultures, tea ceremonies to henna nights, we're well equipped to cover every occasion. We're lucky to meet people from all backgrounds and we consider it a privilege to play a contributing role on such a meaningful day. Our team have an integral respect for all religious beliefs and customs.

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